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Income Generating Programmes For Women

After sensitizing awareness in rural women for sixteen years Navajyothi and CARE India (in 1992) together started empowering women through forming Self Help Groups (SHG’S) to inculcate the habit of saving and credit. Navajyothi could successfully form 857 SHGs with 10,905 members in 5 mandals of 2 districts i.e Medak & Karimnagar covering 80 villages. Mobilized Rs.1,28,66,430 of total savings. Then these SHG’s were constituted into 5 Mutually Aided Co-operative societies (MACS).

(MACS is a legal entity brought about by a Legislative Act of the Government which provides for the voluntary formation of Cooperative Societies as accountable, self reliant business enterprises, based on thrift and self help and Mutually Aided and owned managed and controlled by members for their economic, social betterment and for the matters connected therewith and incidental thereto). At present 4 MACS are being self sustained and one MACS merged in sustained. Up to this year 1213 women Groups were financially supported for their income generating activities.

The main goal of Navajyothi is to make them people owned MACS and to give them financial independence and sustainability. Along with MACS, Dairy Societies were also taken up and their management and care was made self sustainable .Gradually women enhanced their management skills and started organizing themselves and developed their status from dependents to managers, by organizing self owned dairy centers. Then Young girls and women were trained in non–farm sector like tailoring, bakery, saree embroidery and mirror works. Navajyothi took rural women income generation from Self Help Groups to dairy to individual owned business by providing technical and financial support. Conscious work, enthusiasm, and dedication of Navajyothi for creating new avenues for income generation for the rural women is continuing and back hand support in Marketing and financial support is extended by Navajyothi when ever rural women needed.