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Village Micro Planning Programme

Navajyothi and UNICEF together launched a programme called SAMISTHI to increase awareness on Basic health Practices. First village level stakeholders like Sarpanches, Primary School Teachers, Anganwadi Workers and SHG members were trained. From them potential and interested Volunteers were selected and asked them to spread the message to villagers. Each village had 4 to 6 volunteers and they spread the following message. Presently working with 89 villages in 68 Gram Panchayat Mirdoddy and Dubbak Mandals. Major heads of activities are:

  •  Water and Sanitation
  •   Health
  •  Education
  •  Nutrition
  •  Child Marriages and Child Labour
  •  HIV/ AIDS awareness
  •  Hygiene and hand wash practice
  •  Breast feeding
  •  Importance of right age at marriage
  •   Importance of obtaining birth certificates
  •  Importance of institutional deliveries (child delivery in hospitals)
  •  Importance of immunization
  •  Oral rehydration therapy
  •   Safe drinking water
  •  Personal sanitation
  •  Importance of Vitamin A and Iodine in diet
  •  Importance of Iron and Folic Acid for pregnant women