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Watershed Development Programme

A project on soil and water conservation and for natural resources regeneration and management a watershed development program was launched by Navajyothi in association with NABARD. This project was initiated through Indo German Watershed Development Programme.

Various activities were taken up in four villages of Chinnakodur Mandal of Medak District with the participation of people with the main aim of water and soil conservation. The entire communities were involved by contributing their services in shramadan on watershed treatment works. The programme involved in plantation work on forest lands, private lands as well as on bunds in cultivated fields. Women took part actively involving in all aspects of project implementation in the communities as they not only do the bulk of farm related work but are also the transmitters of culture and values to children.

Worked on afforestation and social forestry to develop soil moisture and environmental growth. Women were mobilized and trained to form groups and activate thrift, Bank-linkages were facilitated and accelerated loan accesses for women members to support agro related and other economic activities.

In the programme, 12451 contour bunds, 10373 water absorption trenches, 728 new field bundings, 153 stone gully plugs, 1530, gabien structures, 70 rockfill dams and others were created to conserve rainwater and recharge ground water. This year an amount of Rs. 30 lakhs were spent for watershed development in four villages.