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Young People's Sexual & Reproductive Health and Rights

Navajyothi and SRIJAN network took conducted an educating programme for young women, men, boys and girls on reproductive health rights, HIV and AIDS. Navjyothi reaches out to young people between 10-20 years of age in schools, colleges and work place and those who are out of schools, migrant labour and work force in the unorganized sector. Both married and unmarried persons residing in their working area are covered with greater emphasis on marginalized and disadvantaged.

  •  Early Marriages and Early Pregnancy
  •  Adverse Sex Ratio
  •  HIV,AIDS and young people
  •  Sexuality education
  •  Retention in schools
  •  Youth Friendly Health Services

All these focused items are taken to society through Mandal youth forums. A 30 member team in Mandal Youth Forum (MYF) are trained by Navajyothi. These MYF spread the message to villagers on YRSHR under the close supervision of Navajyothi..